Upvc Window Rollers

The UPVC Window roller series available at DNV Global Pvt. Ltd have been showcased after a complete examination and ensuring that each and every characteristic of the UPVC roller matches with client’s expectations and preferences. The varied models of the roller materials have been selected as well as availed with the assistance of many companies prevalent in the competitive market.

UPVC window roller- the most prominent hardware used nowadays

The roller kit that also comprises of the UPVC window roller as its indispensible part also plays a quite eminent role in supporting even a huge weight of 50 to 75 lbs with it depending upon the size of the model. We are going to give you the finest range of models having the characteristics of being dual, removable as well being able to move the mast downwards and upwards too.

Sliding UPVC Roller- the most favoured in the contemporary world

The most notable characteristic of the rollers is that the mast’s base could be easily connected with a good number of multiple devices. You are going to get the best series of Sliding UPVC Roller